My Success Story

My Success Story:

This area of the website is dedicate to all diplomates of the master in clinical an surgical microendodontics.

In this area it is possible to access the story and images of achievements obtained after the human and educational experience they lived with the Master, thank to their passion and dedication.

We are very happy to ascertain in this pages like the master program could have spread and inspired the passion for endodontics, could have furnished the technical and cultural instruments to perform this discipline with competence and serenity at high level, and finally having opened the doors to unexpected professional expereiences (academic teaching posts, presentations in national and international congresses, organization and management of courses in endodontics, awards of merit from scientific societies).

The diplomates of the master are all our friends.

Dr. Giovanni Marzari - SIE - Parma - Italy - 2014

Dr. Giovanni Marzari - AIE - Premio Lucia Mareschi - Italy - 2014

Dr. Giovanni Marzari -M.E.T.A International Meeting - Cluj - Napoca, Romania - 2013